5 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Local SEO Strategy

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Google’s voice search and digital assistants are now making things lot easier for customers searching for local businesses for buying products. It’s my apparent guess that year would bring more opportunities for marketers to boost their presence on local search engines.

5 Ways To Boost Local SEO Strategy:

The article offers you 5 sure shot ways to sharpen local SEO strategy for enhanced customer outreach.

1. Optimizing Google Lens:

Google lens is simply going to revolutionize way visual search works. With arrival of Google lens, visual search is going to get more powers. Visual search getting popular rapidly as many people prefer images as compared to text to search things. This led Google to invent an entire new regime of search technology called Visual search.

Technically, Google lens is Google’s visual search engine. Google’s Sunder Pichai termed Google Lens a set of vision-based computing capabilities that can understand what you’re looking at and help you take action. Next time when a visitor will be looking for some products at your store, Google lens will assist him by providing information about your offers for better buying decisions. The technology understands and interprets what you see to help you take action.

2. Optimize for Voice Search Queries:

If Google’s stats are to be believed, 20 percent of mobile search queries are voice search. Furthermore, by 2020, the number will be grown by up to 5o%. Usually, voice search queries are different from normal text queries in a manner that they are shorter than them and mimic how real people talk.

Therefore, to optimize your site for voice search, you need to be bit different. Rather using query like hotels in New York City”, you should be using conversational search queries like “which hotels are affordable in in New York City”.

It’s worth noting is that voice search queries always start with words like “who”, “when”, “where”, “how”, “what” etc. The best practice is to optimize your site for personal assistants like Google Assistant, Apple Siri, or Amazon Echo. These personal assistants offer users proactive suggestions based on what are the search queries users are searching for. That’s why it’s important to have proper structured markup in your site.

3. Consistent NAP Data across Listings:

Consistent NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) across business listings boost your local business presence. Make sure that you have listed your local business on each of the top business listing sites as people thoroughly check a business before deciding an association with it.

Having solid positive reviews on popular local directories will help your business to gain more visibility and improve the bottom line. You need to make sure that your business has the same business name, address, and phone number across all the local business listings. Google takes cue from this information to accurately and precisely predict the address of your business and display it directly on the search results. Better optimized business listings bring more business opportunities.

4. Positive Customer Reviews:

Positive and good reviews gradually garner trust for your brand. Multiple positive reviews compel people go through your local business listings. To get some on your website, ask your customers to leave a review. Connect with them with emails and messages and request them to drop their experiences in form of reviews. Improve your user experience so that happy customers can leave nice reviews for your business. Create business listing accounts in premier review sites like Yelp, Yahoo Local, Google My Business, TripAdvisor and Facebook for more reviews.

5. Connect with Influencers:

Connecting with influencers will be a boost to your local SEO strategy. You may leverage influencer marketing to revamp your local SEO efforts. Get connected with your local influencers such as bloggers, reviewers, or social media experts. Host events to identify popular local influencers, collaborate and share your brand voice with them. They may help you to start conversation involving your brand.

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