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BestWeb Monthly Website Package

At BestWeb we offer reliable and affordable website maintenance packages with no long term contracts and long term contracts if needed. We offer Web Development, SEO, hosting, Mobile Applications, Monthly Maintenance Support, Digital Marketing and peace of mind.
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Now It’s The Time To Bring Your Business Online
More Than Ever!

In order to tackle this exigent time, you need to work smartly to hold your customer base intact. Develop some approaches to
make your online presence visible to your targeted audience. This ultimately will increase your conversion rate.

Why Website Maintenance is Important?

We all know the importance of having a well structured website. But simply having the site up and running is not enough. Regularly updating and maintaining your site is crucial to ensuring that your site is running at full capacity.


Keeping a website well maintained and beautiful

It is important to companies big and small in order to engage and retain customers.


To keep your website healthy

Encourage continued traffic growth and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings.


Good growth driven design

Requires not only a site’s content but also the structure to be updated regularly to meet the changing requirements of your business and your site’s visitors.

Hire Us For Changes
And Updates

Keep Your Website Up To Date

Keeping your website up to date helps give you the edge over your competition

Add Quality Contents Regularly

If you update your website often with high quality content, search engines will
love you for it

Provide Latest News And Updates

Customer focused content is one of the effective ways of keeping your existing
customers happy.

Satisfy Your Customers

Customer loyalty is your goal, but that can only be achieved if you are in good
standing with them.

A Quick Monthly Maintenance Checklist

There is a list of tasks that should be done to keep your website running smoothly. The most time sensitive of these are website security updates and patches.

A Quick Monthly Maintenance Checklist

To Be Done Weekly

  • Check that all your pages are loading without errors
  • Remove any spam comments from pages and posts
  • Run a backup and make sure a previous version of your site is stored
  • Check your pages to see if there are any broken links
  • Make updates to website software and plugins
  • Search for 404 errors and fix or redirect
  • Check that all your forms are running properly
  • Write one or more blog posts to keep your community engaged and encourage SEO traffic.
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To Be Done Monthly

  • Check the load speed of your website and ensure that nothing is bogging it down
  • Check your blog to see if there are any articles that could be updated
  • Mobile responsive layout check for web & application
  • Analyze website statistics from the previous month
  • Review your security scans and make sure nothing is out of place
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To Be Done Quarterly

  • Review your website design and structure can be it improved?
  • Review your workload for efficiencies to see if anything can be automated
  • Check graphics and images should anything be updated?
  • Test your website on all devices and browsers to see if it displays correctly
  • Review SEO and meta titles and descriptions to ensure they are as effective as possible
  • Review advertising and marketing campaigns to see if anything needs
    to be changed or updated.
  • Test and tweak popups, forms, and calls to action
  • Restore a previous version of the website to check your backup health
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To Be Done Yearly

  • Update any reference to the current year
  • Review each page for content accuracy, grammar, typos, and relevancy
  • Check any active email addresses and see if any are excessive and can be deleted
  • Ensure that your website domain name is renewed
  • FREE website upgrade every 2 years
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