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Empower Your Business With BestWeb Website Design and Web Development Solution

In 2016, there are 22 million internet users in Malaysia. That is 71% of our total population. Online searches made via mobile device was at 97%. However only less than 6% of websites are mobile responsive, which means that the other 94% of websites have difficulties viewing on mobile devices. Is your website mobile responsive?
Give Me A Responsive Website

We Tackle Every Web Development & Design Projects With Care, Passion & Purpose.

Our prototype-before-design approach ensures that we can craft the best possible digital representation of your brand, and the ideal user experience for your audience. We build something that can grow and evolve with your business by putting customer experience first.

Website Development Purpose-Built Custom WordPress CMS Programming

A custom-crafted CMS makes it easy to manage your own content, and for your audience to engage with you. Our code is purpose-built for your vision and business goals, with everything from social integration and mobile menus to e-commerce and blogs tailored to your needs.

Here are the ways we can help

BestWeb CMS

Take control of your website! BestWeb has developed a CMS (Content Management System) that is tailored specifically to your needs making updating your website easy and efficient. It is intuitive, user-friendly and has no useless buttons that clutter the interface like other systems out there.

We take pride in providing our clients with the best & simplest possible way to update their website..

UX & Design User Experience Prototyping And Responsive Website Development & Design

What does your business want to achieve with its digital presence? Who will visit your site, what do they need to do, and how do you want them to feel? A highly customized user experience and interface web design tell your story, engage your audience, and bring them back for more. Ready to level up?

Imagery Is Powerful

We know design, marketing and advertising play critical roles in communications, but good images or photos makes the planning, research and production of these strategies possible. Whether it be people, food, furniture or design, the importance of having an image to represent a particular content article or message can make the difference between okay and incredible.

Our team makes sure we deliver the best pictures selection to make your brand click. Combined with digital enhancement, graphic design and attention to detail, we make sure that the ultimate end product in any campaign captures, the hearts, minds and eyes of onlookers.

Industries We Serve

We understand your industry which help in the exponential growth of your business with proven futuristic strategies.

Monthly Website Maintenance Package

  • Creative banner design upload (events)
  • Regular back-up files, folders
  • Weekly security scan & monitoring
  • Security plug-in updated monthly (hacking & spam control)
  • Monthly updates on website analytics report
  • Repair & check broken links for SEO optimization
  • Image optimization, video / multimedia uploads
  • Mobile responsive layout check for web & application
  • Websites amendments to design & functions
  • Daily phone, email & whatsapp chat support
  • FREE website upgrade every 2 years
  • FREE website consultation quarterly (upon request)
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During the website development process, we will follow all Google guidelines for onsite structure to ensure that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines can quickly scan, index, and rank your site. This means you get better exposure in their search results pages, and thus more inbound traffic from visitors searching for what you offer.


Mobile Friendly

The websites we build are “responsive”. In other words, when visitors arrive at your site, your website will automatically adapt and optimize to any device they might be using, whether it’s a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet or iPad, or a mobile phone.


High Quality Content

We provide high quality, information-rich content that is unique to your business and tailored to each page of your website. We help you give your visitors the information they want, and answer many of the questions they have even before they know to ask them. By providing free, valuable content on your site, you engage your visitors, build a level of trust and rapport, and give them all the answers they need to buy from you.



Speed is one of BestWeb’s strength. Our web pages are optimized to load quickly, so your visitors never need to wait while the browser crunches numbers before they can access your site. Not only that, but our product turnaround time is remarkably swift. Once you place an order, you will have a finished website in a flash.


User Experience

We make sure that all website development and design will be easy for users to navigate and get the information they want. For a great user experience, your site’s menu structure should be intuitive, your labeling should be clear, and the language of your site should be free of industry jargon. The graphics and color scheme should be attractive, uniform, and complementary. However, although your website should be eye-catching, appearance should not trump usability. Instead, appearance and usability should work together to provide a seamless experience.



With BestWeb, you get a professionally designed website at a very affordable and reasonable price. We assure you our price will be very worth it for your website’s success. We measure our customer’s satisfaction with our price.


Customer Support

We have a team of website development and design professionals working for you – from multimedia designers and copywriters, to digital marketing experts. Any question you have, we can answer quickly and thoroughly. If you have a problem or concern, we treat it as an emergency and respond in kind. We give our all to keep your site online, visible, and driving traffic, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year.


Lead Generation

Even if your site is attractive and easy to use, it does you no good if it does not boost sales. To convert leads into opportunities, you need to ask your visitors to complete a quick task of your choosing. For instance, each page on the websites we build has a call to action and lead capture forms available to help you build a contact list for your business.

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We work globally and have office in Hong Kong.

Unit 3210-18, 32/F Tower 1, Millenium City 1, Kwan Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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