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A user downloads your app. Success! Except… Why aren’t they using it? To find out what’s wrong, we set up an unusual consulting session between an entrepreneur and a digital marketing consultant—and filmed it so you can benefit too.

1. Incentivize!

Even if users download your app, they may not develop a habit for using it. Create a reason for them to do it. You could offer discounts for purchases made through the app, for example, or gamify the experience with special prizes for every 5 or 10 purchases.

2. Segment Your Audience

Maybe young women who already took a dance class will be motivated by a push notification, whereas young women who haven’t taken a dance class will convert better after seeing influencer stories on Instagram. There’s no way to predict what will work, it’s suggested to run a lot of experimentation. “Think of ways that you can reach them with different formats and then move them through the funnel in different ways.” 

3. Call Your Customer

A user almost purchased something, but then they closed the app and never came back. Why? It’s the question plaguing many entrepreneurs. At the very beginning, there’s only one real way to find out. “Just reach out to them” Call your customer and nicely ask why they didn’t finish purchasing. Was it a bug in the app, or did they just change their mind? You’ll learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t, and you can then update your app accordingly.

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