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Scheduling software can help businesses create employee schedules quickly, manage employee absences and shift trades, and control payroll costs from overtime and overscheduling.


Homebase lets employees clock in via tablet, computer, phone, and point of sale (POS) system, alerting managers about who’s clocking in and where, who’s late, and who’s reaching overtime. The software also lets managers edit timecards if employees forget to clock out, tracks breaks and overtime, and syncs timesheet data directly to most payroll software. 

Paycor Scheduling

Paycor lets users create scheduling templates and drag-and-drop shifts with just a few clicks. The software also lets users automate scheduling and employee breaks and set shifts to repeat daily or weekly. Employees can get notifications of new schedules, schedule changes, and shift reminders via email or Paycor’s scheduling app. 


Humanity really shines in its scheduling automation features. Users can automatically assign shifts based on seniority, employee preferences, and other factors. Humanity can also forecast staffing needs using key business metrics and data from other sources, including foot traffic and estimated sales, to create efficient, cost-effective schedules. 


Deputy offers many standard scheduling software features, including a drag-and-drop builder; automated scheduling, shift-swapping, attendance tracking; and employee communication. Managers can also assign one-time or recurring tasks, track performance ratings and feedback, and give employees access to their own leave balances to more easily manage requests. 

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