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The world of software development is fast-paced and constantly changing. The feature request queue never seems to shrink. With the constant need for improvement, adherence to best practices may begin to decline. This is how the error started happening. Here are some common software development mistakes.

1. Not Listening to User Input


Development is ultimately about the needs of the end user. Whether a product is an internal product or a customer product, there is a potential pain point that leads to feature requests. In the beginning, not taking advantage of or understanding customer input can lead to poor results, such as the need for a redesign.

2. Poor Time Estimates


Ambiguous scope, optimism, and failure to consider all required steps can lead to poor delivery estimates. Developers and managers alike get frustrated when deadlines are missed. Sometimes there is also an imbalance between the number of requests and available resources. This can lead to delivery pressure, which can lead to a tendency to over-promise.

3. Protecting Against Vulnerabilities

Developers need to be well-versed in secure coding standards to protect against vulnerabilities. Mistakes can lead to critical issues. Security and common cyber threats need to be a priority during coding. Many times developers are responsible for their own environments and are unaware of regular software updates needed.

4. Not Sharing Knowledge

Teams should be encouraged to share business knowledge, expertise and experience. Many times the focus shifts to individual performance rather than the entire team. Insufficient software development training for new employees slows down the development cycle.

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