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1.Augmented Reality looks set to continue its meteoric rise

Maybe it’s because the reality of the state of the world is so grim, or because seeing a dystopian world we live in through colored lenses has always held a certain appeal, but for whatever reason, augmented reality (AR) is becoming more and more popular. An increasing number of apps are launching new AR-based features. Even IKEA has started leveraging AR technology to allow shoppers to virtually “try on” furniture, using 3D models of their homes within the IKEA Place app, before making a purchase.

2.Consumers are finding new ways to monetize their app-based activities

Meta’s Instagram rolled out its ‘subscription’ features in August 2022 for creators to monetize exclusive content, and we’re likely to see more mobile apps attempt this to help users make money as compensation for their creative efforts. In the memes niche, Yepp launched earlier this year and began offering to share its advertising revenues with its users for consuming and creating memes content within the app. Given the current economic situation, I would not be surprised if this revenue-share model gains popularity in the coming months.We will also likely see more ecommerce or peer-to-peer sales being rolled into social media apps as digital marketing evolves – so people may buy more clothing, artwork and other goods and services outside of established ecommerce platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Etsy or Depop, which were specifically set up with buying and selling (and not content creation) in mind.


3.Users are becoming an integral part of the mobile development process

With beta testing, app developers and companies are becoming increasingly focused on growing communities as there is a growing realization that a more diverse range of voices is essential for feedback and product tweaking.User-driven innovation has long been the holy grail for tech companies trying to guess the next big thing on the horizon. Increasingly, management and marketing gurus have been trying to map out what firms can purposefully do to generate consumer innovation efforts.


4.Mobile wallets and rewards are set to get bigger and better, both for customers and for the planet

The 2021 Mobile Wallet report claims that usage will increase by 74% from 2021 to 2025, reaching 4.8 billion mobile wallets by the end of 2025 — as comfort, security and responsiveness grow in importance for users while faith in traditional banks and financial systems erodes amid worrying and uncertainty-inducing financial headlines.We are already seeing consumers growing more careful with their finances, so 2023 might bring a renewed surge in wallets and apps that offer greater benefits and rewards to win over customers (just not crypto exchanges!).In this environment of budget consciousness, we are also likely to see more social and ESG-focused apps. These apps will likely inspire consumers to save or spend less while also benefiting their communities by promoting the greater social and environmental good. This trend of socially conscious, waste-reducing, economically and environmentally sound initiatives within app models will likely continue its upward trajectory in 2023 and beyond.


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