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The Google Display Network is a collection of websites where your ads can appear. It’s more than 2 million websites, 650,000 applications and 90% of internet users are connected to the web. One of the best ways to get your ad in front of the majority of internet users is to advertise on the Google Display Network.

Run remarketing ads on the Google Display Network


If you’ve been using the internet, you’re the target of remarketing ads. Remarketing ads appear to pop up on every website you visit, promoting sites you’ve recently visited. Remarketing ads can be very effective for newcomers to the Display Network because site visitors retargeted by display ads are more likely to convert on your site.


Moreover, remarketing ads are especially useful on the Google Display Network (GDN). Some advertisers worry that advertising on the Google Display Network may be classified as “aggressive” advertiser behavior, but with remarketing, you’re showing ads to people who already know you. Additionally,  you’re building a connection with the audience, which will be more welcoming to the audience.

Using Similar Demographics on the Google Display Network


Using the “Similar Audience” feature is another way to focus on those who are most likely to show interest in your ad. It’s based on your remarketing audience.When you combine similar audience targeting with remarketing, you can increase the number of conversions at most.


To make it work, Google AdWords uses browsing history from the past 30 days to match shared interests. When Google finds visitors who have visited sites similar to those on your remarketing list, it automatically adds them to your similar audience.

Use Search Network and Display Extensions


If you are thoroughly familiar with advertising on Google or SEO, then you are familiar with the importance of keywords. Typically, keywords will be targeted at the site your audience visits, but display extended ads will appear on sites that offer complementary or related products and services.


Beyond that, it gives you access to a whole new and relevant audience. However, this kind of advertising series can drain your budget as it covers both search web ads and display web ads. So you have to make sure that portfolio activities are actually relevant to your marketing goals and worth the money.

Make your Google Display AD network ads visually appealing


One of the biggest advantages of Google’s display AD network over search advertising is its ability to incorporate visual effects into your ads.


This type of advertising includes:

  • Responsive display ads – These ads automatically adjust to size, look and format to suit different AD Spaces. These ads have replaced adaptive ads as the default type of ads on Google’s display AD network.
  • Upload photo ads – You can upload your own photo ads to the web. These ads can be uploaded in different sizes or HTML5.
  • Gmail ads – Display ads on the top TAB of people’s inboxes.


Often, images draw more attention, so choose a size that fits your brand but still has some visual appeal. Also, don’t forget to follow your messages. Keep it short and simple. For example, if you’re using visual advertising, it’s usually best to let the images do the talking.

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