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Technology and consumer behaviours are progressing and changing faster than ever. So if you find you’re asking yourself “when should I start thinking about website redesign?”, the answer is right now.

To make sure your website is working the best it can, tweaking and developing iterations are key – this is something we can often put on the long finger: With other more pressing invoices to pay, it can seem like something for next year’s To Do list. But prioritising a new website can actually be a step towards generating more revenue. The truth is; sometimes we have to spend money to make money.

Be sure that this is the right time to make this investment. Have a look at the below list and see if you have any of the warning signs that your website is no longer fit for purpose.

1. Your tech is out of date

Every few years the way people browse the internet and the tools they use to interact with it change. Your site must evolve with it, or people will simply stop using it. Unresponsive design is a thing of the past. The fact is that more and more of your visitors are coming to your website on their phones with the expectation of a seamless browsing experience, don’t let those users down by skimping on that. Frankly, if your website isn’t mobile optimised, you’re losing leads. It is imperative that your site functions on every device. This also includes making sure that all screen sizes are considered and all browsers are functional.

Another tech gaffe is allowing 404 error messages and broken links to live on. Not only is this not a good use of communication for your business, it is active bad advertising – showing a lack of organisation and poor maintenance. If it has come to this, you have some options; and we can help you maintain your current site while you come up with a digital solution that adds value for your business. A 404 error message is an internet SOS.

2. Your business goals are not being met

Does your site align with your business goals?  If you’re not meeting your target conversion rate or traffic, or if your bounce rate is too high and your email signups too low… maybe the problem is the design itself. You want to be seeing steady growth with your site. If your website isn’t creating leads, it’s time for a rethink.

Redesigning a website isn’t always about essential updates. Sometimes it’s more image and brand centric. Every once in a while visual trends get refreshed. If you want to come across as a modern company on the pulse of your industry, you have to look the part – this means live and up-to-date and in line with web trends.

4. You’re targeting a new market

Different demographics, nationalities and cultures all have different preferences for visuals, text tone, the way they interact with the interface, the way they search keywords and even colour and sound preferences. Targeting a new market means making sure that your thinking starts with the target such as What do they like? What inspires them? What do they care about?

It is also worth reflecting on how you can do this while distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Just remember to ask yourself here “Do I like my website better than my competitors?” A simple yes might be all you need to keep your website going for another year or two.

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