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Chatbots to the Rescue

Chatbots are set to emerge as the most preferred mode of interaction between customers and businesses. Not only do they greatly automate customer service and reduce costs, they are also the quickest, most seamless way to provide personalized and immediate resolutions to customer concerns.

Faster Shipping and Easy Returns

Returns are an intrinsic part of selling online, and smart e-commerce companies use it to their advantage, rather than seeing it as a setback. Your website or app homepage must boldly emphasize that you have a good return policy. This does justice to the many trusted customers who have invested in your business.


Personalize, Customize, Repeat

Intuitive analytics and data help understand individual customer preferences from purchase history, browsing history, abandoned carts and features like wishlists and favorites. Based on these, you can offer a curated collection to customers, greatly increasing conversions and increasing shopper’s delight. This is also a great way to gain more traction for your upselling efforts and when introducing new products.

Social Media Integration Is Paramount

Social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account for the largest share of all internet usage. Although, social media can be a business’ most powerful weapon for activities such as interacting with customers, responding to comments and complaints on social networks, targeting content to news feeds, and building SEO and branding.

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