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Digital transformation keeps penetrating all areas of our lives. This direction is crucial for business because investments in new technologies have always been among the ways to develop it, improve its competitiveness, and increase its revenues.

Custom software development is a paramount component of this strategy equally important for a company of any level — from large corporations to small businesses.

When you develop your own IT project, you should take the following arguments why custom software development is important.

1. Scalable and Fully Customizable Tailor-made Solution

Custom software is tailored to your brand’s exact needs and specifications. That is the first and obvious advantage relevant for any enterprise regardless of the type, size, and niche in which this company operates.

Software customized to your needs has all the necessary functions implemented and important processes properly adjusted to meet your exact requirements. At the same time, as your company grows and business evolves, you can flexibly adapt it in compliance with the needs changed.

2. Competitive Advantage

Off-the-shelf software offer the same possibilities used by many other players in the market. Software developed specifically to meet the needs of a particular company allows implementing functions unavailable to other players in the market, and you can use them to gain a substantial competitive advantage.

3. Cost-effectiveness in Long-term

Off-the-shelf software is a more affordable solution in the first place. However, in the longer term, custom software development is more profitable since you actually invest in your own business development and do not have to make monthly payments on the SaaS model.

Moreover, you can reduce custom development costs if you plan it well and iterate the product, starting with an MVP.

4. Seamless Integration into the Company Workflow

Most likely, your business already uses various software solutions to fulfill certain tasks. You may have a hard time integrating them with an out-of-the-box product. On the other hand, when developed from scratch, new software is much easier to integrate with existing software, allows you to save costs, and speeds up its introduction.

5. Increased Reliability & High-security Level

Nowadays, the problem of unauthorized access to data is among the key ones. When you order custom software development, you have the opportunity to choose the data protection technology or protocol optimal for your business and integrate them into your software.

It is much harder for attackers to gain access to a protected individual system than to a typical software solution, the vulnerabilities of which they know well enough. If you use off-the-shelf software, you are completely dependent on the company that developed it.


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