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Push notifications is an important marketing tool that helps you to connect with web visitors even after they leave your website but are there any free push notification services that developers can work and learn with, YES in this article let’s look into 5 such services.

1. PushEngage

PushEngage is one of the best push notifications services out there. There are a number of packages which you could start from the Free version. It allows you to connect with visitors after they leave your site with targeted push messages.

2. VWO

VWO (formerly PushCrew) has a tool to send push notifications to any desktop and mobile device. The overall interface is super-clean and simple to use.

Its core selling point is the ability to create triggered push notifications. Triggered Push notifications are automated notifications that get sent automatically when a subscriber takes some action on your site. The action could be a link click or even checking out a particular product for a specified amount of time.

3. OneSignal

OneSignal is a really popular push notifications vendor. I have personally used this, and it takes less time to set it up, I have attached a GitHub repo link where I have implemented push notification using one signal with React JS, feel free to have a look at it.

4. WebPushr

Webpushr is the new standard in web push notifications. With Webpushr, you can send browser push notifications to your site visitors across all popular browsers. Your visitors receive these notifications even when they are not on your site. It only takes a few minutes to install. Both HTTP & HTTPS WordPress sites are supported.

5. PushAssist

Although PushAssist is new to the scene, it has a lot of useful functions. You may also join up to be a publishing partner, similar to PushEngage, to show adverts via push notifications and monetize your blog. You receive 3,000 subscribers and unlimited notifications with the free plan.

So there you go, make use of them in your projects 🤩.

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