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Several factors may strip a website of value. Here are 5 problems that affect a site’s presentation alongside fixes to immediately apply to help drive greater user engagement and better traffic. 

1. Low-quality visuals.

Many have written about the power of visuals in communication. A 1986 study by the University of Minnesota’s Management Information Systems Research Center with 3M support found presentations using visual aids 43 percent more convincing. A website’s potential can be held back by the inclusion of low-quality visuals.

2. Lack of reviews or testimonials.

If its website does not have testimonials, a business is missing out on an easy and effective marketing tool. Customers are discriminating. Merely telling them of the strength of a product or service is not enough anymore. Testimonials can help create trust for a company’s offerings and quell concerns customers might have about making a purchase. 

3. Lacking color savvy.

Another factor that might cause weak sales on a company site is its color scheme. Much research is being done on visual information that’s hue-related. Many entrepreneurs probably already understand the importance of branding. A powerful brand sets the company apart from the competition and makes the  business instantly recognizable to consumers. But it can lose credibility with users if its website is adorned with an unimpressive color scheme.

4. Outdated information.

Scroll down to the bottom of a webpage to where a copyright date is listed. Is it still recent? A website appearance that looks out of date is an instant turnoff to customers.Clients want to see that a company has put in effort to stay current. This includes regularly adding new content and refreshing existing copy. 

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