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Manufacturing software manages the production process.
Manufacturing software manages work orders, inventory, and production scheduling.

Manufacturing is more competitive than ever, therefore organisations need smarter software to manage operations.

Here are four manufacturing software options to assist you start your digital transformation journey.

1. Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM software manages customers. It’s a database that helps you keep track of consumer information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and demographics.

CRM systems track customer orders and shipments. You can designate each order status (pending, approved, shipped) to easily see which are open and which are complete.

2. Enterprise Resource Planning Software

ERP connects all business operations in an organisation to monitor and regulate information flow. These systems encompass accounting, manufacturing, purchasing, supply chain management (SCM), CRM, HR, and other back-office operations.

ERP software lets you:
-Merge different data sources into one centralised system to better understand your operation
-Transfer information between departments without rekeying data
-Automatically construct reports based on user-defined criteria

3. Product Lifecycle Management Software

Product lifecycle management (PLM) manages a product from inception to retirement.

PLM helps manufacturers manage product production and distribution by enabling real-time collaboration. It can assist designers communicate with manufacturing engineers and vice versa. It speeds up product development and improves quality.

4.Quality Management System Software

QMS software helps companies control product quality from beginning to end.

A QMS tracks manufacturing materials, records production line times, and finds improvement areas. It generates higher-quality goods while cutting expenses and increasing profitability.

5.Manufacturing Execution System Software

MES software monitors and controls the manufacturing process and collects, analysis, and reports data.

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