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How to Use Social Media for Business

By March 7, 2023No Comments

A presence on social media has become a lifeline for every business. Being on social media does not translate into business. You need to smartly leverage the various platforms if you are going to reap any benefits. Below, we delve into how to use social media for business:

Selling products or services

When selling your products and services, you can update limited time deals, promotions, discounts, new releases and coupons on social media. However, do not overdo it. The 70-20-10 rule should apply. 70% of your content should provide value to your followers, 20% should be content generated by other people, other than your brand, and only 10% of your content should be promotional.

Find the balance between value and promoting your brand. Note that the whole concept of social media is being ‘social’. People want to have conversations. Do not deny them that chance. When they feel that your brand allows them to converse, buying becomes easier for them.

Website traffic

Social media channels can be used to drive traffic to your website. When you share content on social media, for instance, people are re-directed to your website to read the entire content. While there, you could use a call to actions to help them navigate the site or visit other pages. You could direct them to subscribe to your website in exchange for a freebie, for example, an eBook, in exchange for their contact information. This way, you build a customer base, to whom you could market your products or services via other marketing channels, for instance, emails. You could also sell a product or service once visitors get to your site.


Social media gives you a platform to portray yourself as an expert in your niche. You can update advice, tips and provide informative resources. You ultimately become a leader, an authority in your field. Promoting your brand and content becomes easier as people already trust you as a credible source. You do not come forth as being pushy and promotional.


It is easier than ever for your customers to share their experience with your brand on social media, both positive and negative. How fast you respond to the complaints and compliments reflects on your brand’s reputation. The immediate response shows your followers that you are committed to the best service provision and customer satisfaction. The feedback that you get via social media also comes in handy to help you improve your products or services.

Paid advertising

You can place ads on social media, for instance on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. These ads are highly targeted, allowing you to choose audience demographics like gender, location, and age. Moreover, you can target audiences based on their behavior and interests, for instance, the movies they watch, the books they read or even the device that they use to access social media. On Facebook, for example, you can use paid advertising to send likes to your page, clicks to your website, raise attendance at your event, or even get people to install your app.

All in all

You now have an idea about how to use social media for business. At , we focus on all aspects of using social media to help you succeed in your business, ranging from marketing, content, adverts and even selling. Why not entrust us to handle this important aspect of your business?


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