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Recent studies suggest that almost 80% of the people with a smartphone have used a food delivery app. An additional 53% of people say that food delivery and takeout are essential to their lifestyles. 

For example, research from Statista suggests that revenue generated from online food delivery will hit $96.5 billion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9% in the next five years. 

In short, there’s plenty of money to be made in the food delivery app market and advantages of making a food delivery app for your business. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to proceed, these perks can help with your decision-making process.

1) Market Demand

Firstly, by looking beyond the statistics, you can see that there’s a grim outlook for restaurants and grocery stores that can’t adapt to the times due to many of our societies having already reached a point where consumers expect products delivered to their doorstep. 

Just look at what happened to retailers who couldn’t adjust to the E-commerce era.

This same concept can be applied to food delivery apps and services as well. If you can’t offer mobile delivery to your customers, they’ll likely simply look elsewhere for food.

2) Easy to Use and Order Food

Using a mobile food delivery platform will be  easy for consumers and businesses alike because there’s no waiting on hold, struggling to understand thick accents, or trying to hear customers over kitchen noises. 

It’s as simple as selecting food options from a digital menu or grocery list. Items are added to a cart, and payments are processed ahead of time. Businesses get paid immediately, and consumers benefit from convenience. 

Therefore, with a smartphone, anyone can order food from an app. There’s virtually no learning curve, and your business can reach people of all ages along with growing your revenue. 

3) Saves Time For Your Customers

Driving to pickup takeout is time-consuming. This is especially true in metro areas where parking is usually tough to come by. It could take approximately 30 minutes round trip to travel a mile or two in the city areas. 

For some people, this time just isn’t worth the hassle. 

Thus, a recent survey suggests that almost 70% of consumers are willing to pay more money to save time and effort on food delivery services. 

4) Increased ROI

With the high demand of food delivery due to its convenience it could indicate that food delivery apps are money-making machines which can quickly generate a return on your initial budget for development. 

If you’re using an app maker, you’ll only have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use the service. This typically ranges anywhere from $300 to $1,000, depending on the service and features you need. 

Based on the cost of your subscription, you know what your monthly breakeven point on the food delivery app needs to be. 

5) Expand Your Business

Creating a food delivery app could help you generate another form of revenue for your business. 

Food delivery services won’t disappear anytime soon. Therefore, you have a choice between keeping up with the times or risking losing your customer base.

This is a logical transition for any restaurant or supermarket. In any case, other applications on the market will deliver groceries and food soon anyways. Why don’t you take care of this internally with your own app and further expand your business?

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