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A Progressive Web Application should launch and give users meaningful content regardless of network conditions. There is no doubt that the amount of functionalities that can be supported offline more highly depends on the type of web application. Some of them (like Progressive Web Application fitness trackers, for example), may have complete offline support. The others, like an online E-commerce progressive web app, should have a direct network connection with little to no offline features available. In both cases, the web app should not have any software breaks or any sudden unresponsive actions, thus, it should be reliable.


Every single progressive web application has to match with various screen sizes and orientations, as it should be able to provide users with both a pleasant user experience and the flexibility of its usage. A strong responsive interface ensures that the software works for every modern and trending device that has been already released into the market.


As it happens to be, native apps have been much more immersive than any web application deployed on the Internet. Push notifications directly assist the user with the crucial information that demands their immediate attention, while having an icon on the home screen makes it easy to access the app. Now that the progressive web apps have been widely used in our daily lives, lots of users will get the same experience that they usually receive from the regular native web app.


Most of the time, every progressive web app out there may have confidential and private user information. Therefore, the connection between a regular user and the data servers where all of this data is stored should be secured by default. Ergo, every single connection from every node out there is going through the HTTPS channel, to both avoid the man-in-the-middle attacks and any suspicious interceptions from the service workers.

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