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Making a website load as quickly as possible should be a goal for webmasters because it seems like everyone who uses the internet is always pressed for time.

The mobile version of your website makes loading time even more important. Mobile users are frequently constantly on the move, therefore they would have little patience for slow-loading mobile websites.

Therefore, your mobile website loading speed needs to increase if you want to hold mobile customers’ attention long enough to create leads or encourage conversions.

1) Keep redirects down

Redirects cause your site to load more slowly because it takes the server longer to locate and download the original document that was requested when you clicked on the original link and which is now no longer available. If you want to keep your visitors’ attention and their business, try to limit your redirects to a minimum because the extra seconds the procedure takes can raise your bounce rate.

2) Simplify your web design.

A website with all the bells and whistles appears to be highly professional. The amount of code it requires is also rather amazing, making your site bulkier and slower as a result. Make your website lighter and faster to load on mobile devices, and keep the web design simple but elegant.

3) Use compressed images

If your website has large images, it will take a while for them to load. Use compressed photos and resize them for mobile to speed up the process. It would be better if you could cut down on the number of photographs on your website. Even better would be to use only the graphics that are absolutely necessary, such as the website logo.

4) Activate Google AMP

Regardless of the device or distribution platform, your website will look amazing and load quickly if you enable Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project (AMP) on its pages. In order to speed up the loading of the content on your mobile page, AMP uses extremely basic HTML.

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