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1.Progressive Web App

Progressive web app has characteristics of both website and a locally installed program. It has new capabilities of modern apps. It offers advantages of a traditional local app in a setup used for different device types. It is painless to manage and maintain.PWAs include modern features of patterns, APIs, and others. These app work offline, are installable, is easy to synchronize, and can send push notifications, etc. Companies that migrate to PWA see a 20 percent to 250 percent boost in traffic, according to Smashing Ideas.

Examples –Starbucks built a PWA app, which delivers experience of native app. It runs in offline mode, allows their customers to browse the menu, customize their orders, and add items to their cart. On online app, it can show location-specific pricing and food and drinks order.


Yii is an open-source web application development framework. It uses PHP5 and has good tools for debugging and app testing. It is very simple and easy for developers to use.

Example – SkillShare is an American online learning platform that sponsors the Yii framework developers and actively uses it in their projects.


3.Meteor JS

Meteor JS uses Node.js and it helps developers to create web applications used on various platforms. It is an open-source JavaScript web framework it has low webpage loading time.

Example – Pathables website runs virtual, hybrid, and in-person conferences and events. People use their end-to-end solutions to learn and connect to business events.


Django is popular frameworks based on Python and follows MVC architecture. It makes the app development process easier and provides multiple tools like ORM, Models, Django admin, templates, etc.

Example – Instagram is an example of a website-built Django. It contains huge data and user interactions (likes, shares, etc.). With Django, simplifies data management and ready-to-implement instruments with simpler UI and UX.



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