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On-demand food delivery solutions became a beacon of hope for restaurants amidst the COVID-19 crisis. When people were scared to dine at crowded places, these food delivery apps allowed restaurants to offer their services and still generate consistent revenue. Even today, people still prefer ordering food from their smartphones and dining. 

1. Push Notifications in On-Demand Food Ordering App


With the rapid growth of online meal ordering, it’s likely that you have many food delivery apps on your phone. Sending push notifications is the greatest approach to boost your exposure and get ahead of your competition. It aids firms in maintaining contact with their customers. Discounts, offers, location-based order reject messages, and other information can be conveyed via these messages.

2. Discount/Rewards, Cashback and Loyalty Programs


Discounts and special offers are the best way to attract more customers to your food delivery app. You should often offer deep discounts to attract customers. About 40% of users reportedly use food ordering apps to find discounts and cash back, while 25% use them just to earn loyalty points.

3. Real-Time GPS Tracking of Food Delivery


The purpose of GPS is to provide two-way tracking and functionality. It helps to identify the user’s location to serve food. And once the area is identified, the user can easily track the progress and movement of the delivery person.

4. Easy Payment Options


Payments are critical in every firm, according to a business owner’s opinion. This is the last phase for placing an order if the customer has any little or large concerns, but they will never attempt again. Customers must have all payment alternatives available in your on-demand food delivery app for the payment program to be highly efficient and easy to use.

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