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“How to have a high-end web design ?” this questions may sound like they’re hard to answer, but they’re surprisingly easy. Without an easy-to-use, high-quality website, your company could lose valuable leads online.

In fact, there are few major factors that all high-end websites share.

1. Custom coding

Many places offer quick-and-easy websites that are made using the same code. They’re easy to spot, mainly because they all seem to have the same look and simple functions.

So what’s the benefit to custom coding if templates are already available?

You can essentially have your site do anything possible to deliver exceptional results for both you and your visitors.

You also have the chance to give your site a unique appearance that sets it apart from your competitors and other websites on the Internet.

2. Brand-strengthening design

One of the biggest issues with using pre-made web design template is that it won’t have much, if anything, to do with your brand.

In other words, you may be able to change small elements like the typography and colour schemes, but you can’t make anything unique to your brand.

Take a look at some websites yourself—you will instantly be able to see which ones have design touches that boost their brands, as opposed to cookie-cutter products that use catch-all templates.

A brand-strengthening design can help your business stand out. A roofing company’s custom web design, for example, will set the company apart from competitors that settle for copy-and-paste designs. For users, that makes your site and business unique and memorable.

3. Simple navigation

High-end sites may sound complex, but the best thrive on simplicity — especially when it comes to navigation.

From the user’s standpoint, the navigation should be seamless from start to finish. You can do this through extensive story boarding and site architecture planning. You won’t get this kind of robust navigation unless you work with high-end web designers who deeply understand the process.

Often, a single navigation bar at the top of a page is enough to let any user find what they want on your site.

4. Strong site architecture

The architecture of your site should be intuitive, adaptable, and clean. That means the code you use for your site is minimised into what you only need, providing your site with a strong infrastructure that is clean and loads quickly.

Most templated website software platforms have a weak architectural design. Essentially, they aim to work for every business, not a particular type of business. That may not work for you.

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