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Colour Palette

The  colour scheme plays a significant role in making it attractive. To make it look simple, yet elegant stick to a sophisticated colour palette that gives a rich appeal to your app’s UI. Keep in mind using a perfect combination of shadow, intensity, contrast, hues, tones, and exposure. These days, all brands have taken this seriously.



The  mobile app design should have uniformity throughout. Moreover, it shouldn’t be restricted to icons, but also colours and fonts must be the same. Consistency in design improves familiarity with the app, making it easy for the users to engage with it.


Loading Speed

The design should be like that it doesn’t need much loading time. Loading speed is one of the essential aspects of UX design. Users have no desire to waste their valuable time waiting for your app to load. More loading time leads to an increased bounce rate.



A mobile app’s content includes information and some visual elements like icons. The designers need to concentrate on visual balance while implementing these elements as the aim is to grab the user’s attention.



Identify the development company that can stick to the minimalist approach by using one typeface in your app. Using multiple typefaces can indeed ruin your mobile app’s user experience.



Another common problem comes from smaller mobile screen sizes compared to desktops. Fitting long texts into small UI is quite challenging, for this reason, we suggest you write shorter and easily skimmable content for the app. You can also benefit from making the content available without data connection.



Keep in mind, that everybody is different, also our needs. We can have a splendid app design and still lose users due to being inaccessible for specific groups which could be consist of engaged users with some more caring. Think about the customers with vision problems or blindness, also the ones living with motor and hearing impairments. Aim to make your product ready to fit their expectations as well.


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