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Selection 1: White-label app

These are applications developed by a white-label app development company. How is this relevant to our theme? Simple. If you are considering building an app for your business, white-label solutions could end up saving you a lot of time and money. They are built by someone else and simply rebranded for your business. You are buying the app’s features, functions, layout, design and other elements. They can be customised, but only in limited amounts.

White-label apps are usually basic. Your business will not be able to boast an innovative, cutting-edge interface or features. However, if you are not looking to reinvent the wheel, it could be a great option. A great deal of white-label apps are built for e-commerce. Thus, if you have an e-commerce business, it would make sense to go for something that is already tried and tested. In this case, the developer could charge a monthly fee as well as a percentage of your sales profits. If you are a services business, you could simply pay a monthly fee that will ensure the app is up and running.

Selection2: Web app

The main difference between a web app and a mobile app is that the web one needs an internet connection to work. Still, in the case of a web app, the user doesn’t need to download anything on their device. They only need a browser and they can be easily updated by the developer. Think Facebook or Gmail.

Another big advantage of web apps is the lower price compared to mobile apps. This happens usually because mobile apps need to be built for multiple operating systems. These systems have clear and rigid guidelines, which leads to a greater number of extra steps to the build process. Also, a web app is easier and more cost effective to update as they rarely have to meet an operating system’s guidelines.

Selection3: Custom mobile app

A custom mobile application is developed from the ground-up. It has your precise specifications in mind and can be a great asset for your business. Keep in mind that this is the most costly option. Not only in financial terms, but also when it comes to human and time investment.

A custom mobile app is developed following a process with clear and necessary steps. There has to be an objective, there is user experience to take into account, there are features to be decided and so on.

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