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Retailers that have yet to build e-commerce mobile applications run the danger of being left behind by customers. So, even if you’re a little retailer, you should start thinking about developing a mobile commerce app. Building a shopping app for your ecommerce firm is an exciting prospect. You only have one opportunity to establish a first impression on a customer, so think about these recommendations before you start creating to ensure that everything goes well.


1. Greet shoppers with a clean, easy-to-navigate interface


Shopping on mobile means viewing a smaller screen, so it’s more important than ever that your mobile commerce landing page is clean and simple. Also, when shoppers reach your mobile commerce landing page, it should be immediately clear how to find the products they are looking for. So you can make it easy for shoppers to find the products they want with the help of powerful filters and sorting features on your page.


2. Present your products professionally


Don’t cut costs by lowering the price of product images. If your product images look unprofessional, so will your mobile commerce app and your branding. Also, keep your product descriptions around 300 words and make sure they follow a voice that resonates with your ideal customer. This will keep your brand fun and stylish.


3. Prioritize cart transparency and simple purchases


Let shoppers see exactly what’s in their cart by displaying realistic images, quantities, sizes, and all prices (tax included). When shoppers can easily change the size and quantity from the cart screen, they are more likely to convert into a sale. Keep the interface as clean and autofill as possible to promote impulse buying.


4. Make returns and customer service a breeze


On the returns screen, customers can easily see where their items are in the returns process. Plus, you can invest in a quality chatbot service and real, actionable FAQs that can solve most customer problems. However, you still need a human contact to help with some returns and customer issues.

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