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How SellCheck Improves Your POS Materials Using The 4 C’s

By April 6, 2022No Comments

4C’s was meant to be a foundational language. The Path to Purchase Institute adopted the 4C’s as their criteria for their design contest. It also adds science and academics to shopper behavior and POS design.

Command Attention

A piece that is not noticed will never be effective! The first step in the 4C process is to ensure your POS is noticeable in the retail or online environment.


Connect With the Shopper

Once your materials command the shopper’s attention, you must ensure the shopper recognizes what it stands for, but you don’t have much time – usually 1 second or less. If your POS doesn’t register as recognizable and relevant, the shopper moves on without a second thought. Maybe that is why you are not generating sales that get your products off of the retail shelf?


Convey Information

Now that the customer has stopped at the shelf and is evaluating your food product, how effectively can you convey a clear, compelling message to the shopper that gets them from considering to closer to buying your product!


Close the Sale

You’ve commanded the shopper’s attention, connected with them, and conveyed initial information. Now, what does the piece have to do to close the sale and get the product into the basket? This is where SellCheck creates superb value in recommending effective materials that get your product off the shelf and into the shopping cart. Shoppers deselect before they select, cues tell us how to convey a message and how to close. They also offer ways on how to optimize POS design.



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