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5G networks offer manufacturers and telecom operators the opportunity to build smart factories based on smart technologies such as automation, AI, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Alongside energy and utilities, manufacturing represents a promising sector with the next wave of industrial productivity known as Industry 4.0. The Industry 4.0 vision includes connected production with tracked and configured components in a self-managing system in a digital economy. Some of the areas where 5G can impact various services and improve the digital economy are:

Internet of Things (IoT)

The older devices and sensors had the capability to ”talk” to each other while they were utilizing the 4G LTE data capacity inefficiently. The introduction of 5G, however, will boost connectivity, speed, efficiency, and user experience, thereby generating more profit for telecom service providers and business owners.

Connected vehicles

It will work based on an autonomous model where precise and real-time information about car conditions, road conditions, or drivers will be received by automobile manufacturers and owners, which will help them offer better support and driving experience.

Better governance

Governments can develop an effective smart city architecture and e-governance framework by utilizing 5G. We can experience better public service, quick processing, and receive real-time information from officials during an emergency. We may call it a proactive and ”connected” government providing a quality public service experience.

The rollout of next-generation mobile networks will create value for many industries. The technology can be innovatively used in a wide variety of settings. Hospitals will be equipped with 5G-assisted devices to facilitate patient monitoring remotely and smart ambulances that connect in real-time.

Also, we can hope for smooth financial transactions through digital wallets and applications that connect wearable devices, smartphones, smart gadgets, automobiles, and many other devices. Factories will be 5G-enabled to connect devices and more sensors. 5G, combined with AI, edge computing, IoT, and extended reality (XR), can enable businesses to realize the full benefits of these technological advancements.


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