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The content marketing funnel helps you to map your content to your customer’s journey. Just as they have different goals and problems at different points in their journey, so too should your content. There are a gajillion types of marketing funnels out there with different frameworks and names for each section. Let’s take a closer look at each stage of the content marketing funnel.

Top-of-funnel content

At this stage of the funnel, your readers are aware of their problem(s) but not of your solution or of your brand. Their goal is to get information that will help them solve a problem, execute a task, or learn something new. Your goal is to attract them to your business and website, generate brand awareness, demonstrate your expertise, and build authority.

Middle-of-funnel content

At this next stage, your target audience is now aware of your business and the solution you provide, and they’re interested. They trust you enough to make slightly bigger commitments, like signing up for a webinar and engaging with longer-form content; and they’re interested enough in your offering to read brand-specific material like case studies, testimonials, and newsletter emails. Their goal is to learn more about the solution you provide—both in general and the one specifically offered by your business. Your goal is to educate them on your offering and set your business apart from competitors—not just with your features and benefits but with your expertise and knowledge.

Bottom-of-funnel content

Now, your audience member has decided that they want to purchase the type of solution you provide. They’re pretty sure they want your solution specifically, but still need a little convincing and/or guidance. Their goal is to feel confident in choosing you and in the particular product/service they choose. Your goal is to get them to convert obviously, but it’s also to address any objections and hesitations.

Beyond funnel content (retention)

At this point, you’ve got a customer. Good job! But does that mean your work is done? Far from it. Not only do you need to continue providing value through helpful tips, but you also need to keep them engaged. Their goal is to learn how to best use your product/service and to make the most of their investment. Your goal is to keep them engaged, provide the support they need, and continue adding value.


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