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There’s nothing new about Instagram Reels. You can create the exact same social media videos for business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) outreach elsewhere. So, why is making IG reels worth your marketing investment? The answer is in the app’s reach. Despite risking being called a copycat, Instagram takes a page off its competitor’s playbook and makes the formula work for its established ecosystem, which has been proven brand-friendly.

Elevate Your Brand

Reels enable you to optimize video for Instagram. Instead of appearing only in your profile, your reel can influence the right people when it shows up as the top video on Explore feeds. The Explore section is where users discover new brands and brands gain a new audience. And the top video displays much larger than other posts on the page, further improving your brand’s visibility.


Engage Your Followers

Watch out for trends when you open your IG Reels tab and make a reel offering your own take. You should also be quick to pick up on the next popular thing by monitoring Instagram Reels hashtags, audio or effects. People search for these specific elements on the platform, helping you garner the attention of your existing followers and even new ones.


Enhance Your Sales

Instagram is known for allowing shoppable content, and this capability now extends to Reels. Simply record a reel and then tag relevant products found in your shopping catalog. This is another way to optimize video for Instagram and generate sales and conversions for your brand.


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