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In my opinion, digital marketing is one of the most well-equipped fields one can enter at the present time, what with all the available resources (tools, blogs, forums, events, and experts) one could possibly need to get started and do a decent job of marketing one’s products or services online.

But what if, once you put everything together and start practising it, you realise something is missing? What if, despite extensive testing, you are not appearing towards the top of search engine results, getting new clients is costly, and there is little to no noticeable improvement?

Then why haven’t you achieved international acclaim yet?

There is a minor factor that aids in effective internet communication. That’s what I mean by “excellent friend” in a group setting.
Therefore, what does that imply?

A “good online friend” would do the following:

1. Start up conversations with your “pals” often.

You’re no longer on their “friend short list” if you don’t keep in regular contact. There is no special treatment for acquaintances on holidays, and they are rarely contacted in times of crisis. Regularly interact with clients in digital spaces.

2. Find some context and quit bragging all the time.

Selfish people have no friends. Or someone whose talk is about boring or irrelevant topics. In other words, you can’t expect to persuade voters who only learn about politics on election day to care about your policy proposals. Determine what will pique the interest of your target audience and act on that knowledge.

3. Maintain coherence in your beliefs and selling points.

Nothing is more perplexing than a person who suddenly adopts a different stance on a variety of things; for example, you were previously sarcastic about love but are now being romantic after previously stating that love does not exist. Your brand identity shouldn’t undergo daily overhauls because people don’t drastically alter their appearance that often. In a friendship, you might expect to share a “common sense” with your friend about the topics you both find interesting. Having integrity with what and how you represent your brand will endear it to customers that share your values.

4. Get people to share your content by giving them something of value.

The best friends are the ones you can’t stop chatting with because they always have some useful advice or fascinating anecdote to share. We adore them because they are always in the know about what’s cool now, because they are very wise, or just because they have a great sense of humour. No matter what they do, it’s always interesting. Finding ways to make online activities interesting and novel needs investigation. Don’t just put some boring copy and paste on your site and call it good. Try something new. Please don’t rush.

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