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Now, if these encouraging statistics have already inspired you and you are actually planning to develop a healthcare app, you must not only focus on implementing the latest features but also follow the trends to gain the top spot in the market.

The Use of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Industry

Perhaps we have heard about Blockchain technology several times and have knowledge about its strong connection with cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin. But the use and implementation of this advanced technology in the healthcare sector is something interesting to have curiosity about.

One of the major roles that Blockchain technology will be playing here is recording and preserving patient data with the highest data encryption level. It is considered to be quite a hectic task, which will become easier with its deployment.

In fact, one of the key reasons why most of the health apps have failed to get customer retention was that they did not provide a protective environment to safeguard data.

Blockchain technology fortifies your healthcare solution with a transparent, incorruptible, and decentralised log of medical records, which makes it an appropriate option for healthcare security applications.

According to many recent research and market reports, the global blockchain in the healthcare market is projected to hit 4.46 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 38.1% during the forecast period of 2022-2026.

The Artificial Intelligence Vogue Will Prevail in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is the modern technology that has put many sectors precisely in the driver’s seat, including the healthcare industry.
As the healthcare technology landscape is moving towards becoming more intelligent, AI is expected to rock the industry with its proposals for pharmaceutical & biotechnology startups, natural language processing, robotics process automation, and clinical trial participant identifiers between the timeline of 2022-2028.

• Artificial Intelligence can help to examine patients more accurately and can be considered a huge blessing where immediate medical treatment is required.
• The advanced AI solutions will allow the computer systems to take self-decisions even in the unavailability of the medical staff.
• The patients will not be required to visit the clinics and hospitals regularly, which will definitely make medical bills more cost-effective.
• The Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique will also reduce the number of human errors. Yes, even doctors, at times, may make a mistake while diagnosing a patient or during treatment.
• AI will make complex and life-risking surgeries easier and will help in the faster recovery of patients.
• An AI solution – Robotics Process Automation (RPA), can help to streamline healthcare body processes, including health payments, early diagnostics, patient data analytics, data entry, etc.
• AI-powered chatbots for initial health-related data gathering and analysing symptoms to schedule an appointment with a doctor.

Incorporating the Internet of Things in Healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT), or virtually connected internet technology, is influencing several industries. Likewise, the healthcare industry is also taking steps toward IoT solution adoption.

The health apps linked with IoT will take care of comprehensive healthcare and the comfort of the patients. Moreover, it will also become useful in getting access to valuable patient information and monitoring his progress – the solution, which we also know as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). This solution is highly beneficial, especially when a patient is dealing with chronic disease conditions and taking remote treatment.

Post-COVID-19, the adoption of RPM solutions has received a peak. And the market size is projected to hit 175.2 billion by 2027, which was last evaluated at 53.6 billion in 2022.

The Internet of Things can be simply connected with some highly advanced devices and medical equipment to carry out better operations during the treatment process. In addition, it will provide much more accurate and refined report insights.

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