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1.Rise of 5G

The 5G technology has been around for a while. But this year, it has become a buzzword. Technology companies have started incorporating 5G at full scale, and we see 5G-enabled devices in the market. By next year, it is expected that 660 million smartphones will have 5G connection which accounts to around 47.5% of all devices.


2.Mobile Entertainment & Gaming

Entertainment and gaming apps have become a part & parcel of lifestyle. Some people can’t even imagine spending a single day without them.The popularity of mobile entertainment apps as Netflix has around 74% active subscribers in the US and Canada. Not only this, with over 159.1 million mobile phone gamers, mobile devices are favourite among gamers – amounting to over 89% of US digital gamers.


3.There Will be More Focus on Mobile App Security

According to Check Point State of Mobile Security 2021 report, around 46% of organizations had at least one employee who downloaded a malicious mobile application. Given how much employees depend on mobile devices, it’s a matter of concern for businesses. That’s why most businesses are looking to invest more in cybersecurity, given it is directly linked to data protection and information privacy laws. Thus, digital security has emerged as one of the top mobile app development trends in 2023. The finest minds in the industry are levelling-up the ante to draw out the uncertainty around mobile apps. In WWDC 2021, Apple took the first step to a password-less future by introducing a new feature called “Passkeys in iCloud Chain.” With it, Apple will replace passwords with a more secure login process. In 2023, the mobile app development industry is expected to witness a shift towards the security-first approach, thus laying the roadmap for a robust DevOps Strategy. 


4.Mobile Commerce

The Ecommerce sector is responsible for sales worth $3.56 trillion, and 72.9% of these sales happen on mobile. Hence, mobile commerce is a rising app development trend.We saw a significant lifestyle shift after the COVID pandemic. From large retailers to small businesses and individual consumers, everyone has started relying on mobile apps.It puts Ecommerce businesses that fail to adapt at a disadvantage. They are losing a lot of customers and missing out on ones they could convert. Hence, businesses need to adapt to this trend and have an eCommerce business app. It is the only way they can survive the cut-throat competition.

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