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Having understood why we can’t separate our lifestyles from the use of mobile applications, we need to also understand the importance of application software updates. The basic truth and foremost reason for updates is the fact that they can improve the user experience. However, there are other benefits of updating apps.

Bracing the UI and UX

Whenever you discover a more engaging way of interacting with users, it might be good to update your application. In some cases, this overhaul can be just for some parts of the app. Sometimes its entire user interface and user experience can be refreshed.

An update, in this case, leads to more convenience and increased engagement in the use of the app. Frequency in updating your app will keep it relevant and up-to-date. It makes your users know that you care about them. This is because every update will include new feature releases that provide a smooth user experience.

Promoting and Marketing

The updating of apps has the considerable benefits of a marketing tool for its owners. Consumer awareness of your product or brand is the key here.

With the increase in the number of applications present on a user’s phone and other devices, frequent updates can trigger an app to receive more mindshare compared to other apps. Publishing frequent updates serves as a reminder because it turns up with notifications on the App Store or Google Play store list.

Increasing the Userbase

You can build a trail of loyal users from your app updates. That is if they contain bug fixes and new features that users may have requested. The frequent updates mean that you care about your mobile app maintenance as well as reflect your commitment to meeting user needs.

Overall, the satisfaction and loyalty of your current users directly reflect on their engagement with your app and brand. Furthermore, happy users attract more new users to your app. This is another marketing advantage.

Reducing Uninstalls

Same way as keeping an app updated affects acquiring new users, it influences uninstall rates. If you don’t provide maintenance for your application, upgrade it and implement new features, or can’t meet user expectations — they will most likely abandon your solution and switch to your competitors.

Thus, it’s essential to collect feedback and listen to your target audience’s preferences. This way, you’ll be able to deliver the best user experience on time and avoid the rise of uninstall rates.

Communication between Developers and Users

A mobile app update is what a developer and the user base can communicate through. It’s like a medium that allows for the converastion through release notes. Although release notes are often ignored by most users, some nerds and geeks always read them carefully, and it benefits them.

Their feedback on your update won’t keep you waiting. Just check out the reviews on the app store. Unlike the release notes, ratings and reviews are frequently viewed by all users. Thus, a good update can attract more new mobile app users. Also, consider that updates can be used to renew your user terms and conditions.

Bug Fixing, Improvements, and Stable Performance

The aim of an update might be to fix bugs, but new features and bug fixes can be released together. The usual practice is to pay more attention to updates that keep the app more stable.

No wonder why do leading solutions with large user base have bug fixing updates so often. These mainstream apps are frequent with improving and stabilizing user experiences. Commonly, app updates with the occurrence of once a week or every fortnight are mostly bug fixing.

Prove of Activeness

Without updates, users can be under the assumption that an application is no longer active, and that’s why it has not been managed. To keep away the feeling that the app has been dumped by its developers, it must be constantly maintained by regular updates. This might also keep them away from migrating to other competing solutions.

Boosting ROI

As an obvious consequence, regular updates can drastically reduce the cost of your mobile app maintenance and revenue losses. When you fix occasional issues on time and handle minor bugs, it’s easy to avoid any hurdles that might threaten your app’s well-being in the future.

On the other hand, like we’ve mentioned above, providing a better user experience helps attract new users, engage and retain them. It, in and of itself, can result in boosted ROI in the long run.


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