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Small Business Saturday rolls around in the midst of the holiday season every year to celebrate small local businesses everywhere. If you’re a small business owner, this is your day to reach more customers than almost any other time of year. Let’s take a look at how Small Business Saturday got its start and how you can use it to your advantage with 4 super simple Small Business Saturday ideas.

  1. Show your similarities with the local community

Small businesses typically have strong community ties. In order to promote your small business in a way that shows those ties, outline the ways that you do so. Share your story with customers both on your website and in your storefront that outlines the ways you participate in the community.

  1. Promote a special

There’s no better time to have a promotion than Small Business Saturday! The community wants to celebrate you, so you should celebrate them in the form of a special sale. Not only will it show appreciation for your customers, but it will also attract new customers. If you maintain an online store, you can also update your design to include a banner that announces this promotion.

  1. Hold a contest

Contests are one of the best ways to get customers to your store on SBS, which is why we mentioned it in an earlier Small Business Saturday marketing idea. You can announce the contest on social media and encourage customers to participate. You should also include a description of the prize as an incentive. For example, maybe shoppers earn an entry for every $1 they spend at your store.

  1. Partner with your next-door neighbor

If your storefront neighbors another small business, partner with them to promote your businesses together. You could even tie this Small Business Saturday marketing idea with an earlier one: Host a contest. You and the partnering business could offer a giveaway, for instance, that provides winners with a gift card to your business and the partnering company. With this idea, you’ll help each other reach more shoppers and increase your chances of earning new customers.

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