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As more and more people turn to ecommerce businesses for everything, from groceries to apparel, it’s become apparent that ecommerce needs Black Friday — and not just Cyber Monday. Black Friday 2021 drove huge revenue, with ecommerce shoppers spending over $9 billion. To shift focus to online sales, your Black Friday ecommerce marketing strategy needs to include digital marketing and ecommerce advertising.

  1. Prepare your website for ecommerce transactions

This idea might go without saying, but your website has to have ecommerce functionality if you want to sell online. Getting this ecommerce functionality is not as simple as clicking a button. To prepare for the Black Friday rush, you can choose your ecommerce platform, ensure your site’s design is user-friendly, Load test your site and Optimize your site for mobile.

  1. Optimize elements of your website for maximum conversions

With all the ecommerce heavy hitters vying for their shares of online sales, it’s crucial that you get as many sales as possible from your web visitors on Black Friday. You will need to run tests and do a website analysis to figure out what makes people buy. While you have time to collect a significant sample size, run A/B tests on some shopping-related elements of your site.

  1. Advertise your Black Friday promotions

Don’t stay quiet about your special Black Friday deals. Tell your audience what you’re planning so they get excited! Give people a preview of your deals on your website. You can add a special page dedicated to all things Black Friday. Share your reviews on social media, you can even include a special discount, or include one on your website if people sign up for your emails.

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