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If you think your marketing team is facing a few hurdles, you are not alone. Marketing teams, big and small, face different challenges. They have to adapt to changes in their industry, their customer’s behavior, and even marketing trends. Here are the most common marketing challenges in 2022.


  1. Training marketing team members

Marketing is a fast-paced world. One moment, your strategy nails it and delivers results. Another moment, a competitor is eating your share of the segment. New tools and marketing trends pop up, too, so your team must catch up. Onboarding new team members also poses a challenge, as your other team members’ efforts are diverted to training them.


  1. Understanding your customers’ evolving needs

Have you ever been a loyal customer of, let’s say, a coffee shop? For example, let’s pretend you decided to live a more sustainable lifestyle, so you stopped using single-use cups at take-outs. You then started having coffee from another café that lets you use your reusable mug. Customers change. Their needs and attitudes towards brands evolve. The challenge for marketers is to know their customers and catch up to their evolving needs.


  1. Generating leads

Generating leads is always a challenge for marketers. A Google algorithm update or a Facebook advertising update are some of the online marketing challenges that can affect your lead generation efforts. New platforms arise. Privacy updates are rolled out. And when no changes are rolling out, you’re looking at ways to improve your lead generation campaigns: better cost-per-lead, higher quality of leads, and higher conversions.


  1. Entering a new market

Businesses need to introduce new offerings to adapt to changes and grow. Sometimes these new products and services are targeted at a different audience. For example, a bakery shop specializing in cookies may start selling brookies when social listening findings show a growing demand for brookies.

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