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As the government rolls out grants for eCommerce vendors and potential online business owners, now more than ever, we will see more growth in the production of eCommerce websites. But, with the rapid popularity of eCommerce comes many mistakes that will hound plenty of business owners in the years to come.


1. Poor to Mediocre Site Security

Security should always be the top priority on eCommerce sites. This is because people will be sharing personal information such as credit card details and more. Imagine arriving at an eCommerce website then getting a warning that the website is not secure. So, even if your company is a small business, it’s always a good idea to take extra precautions against malware and hackers.


2. Poor Navigation

A good eCommerce website navigation means that there will be no unnecessary distractions like pop-ups or links. Your eCommerce website design must also feature accessible buttons, organised layout, proper categorisation and a functional search experience. These things ensure that the buyer’s journey will be worthwhile which could ultimately make them come back for more. 


3. Lack of Social Proof

With the rampant popularity of eCommerce, it’s become second nature for anyone to check on product reviews to avoid potential scams. That means that you should take the extra steps to gather testimonials for your products. Example, can setup a business account on Google for Google Reviews.


4. Limited contact information

Live chats are especially effective for stores that tailor their products to a customer’s specific requirements. If your site can’t have someone to attend a live chat, then having an automated chat response is also a good option. Never forget that you should still display your business’ contact details.

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