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UX services are consistently in high demand when building websites or applications. This is because of its focus on enhancing the way users experience a new product. Through interface, design, and interactions, good UX ensures the product is accessible to users. 


1. UX Is Only About Users


UX designers conduct research and analysis to understand the users’ needs, pains, and goals. UX designers understand that trying to focus too narrowly on optimising the user experience may fail to achieve a company’s business goals. It is crucial to alight both the users’ needs with the business goals to create an effective user experience.


2. UX Benefits From Fewer Clicks


The 3-click rule is a popular usability standard in the world of UX. It says that if users can’t find what they’re looking for after three clicks, they’re likely to become frustrated and leave the site. This common misconception is affecting how people understand good website UX. 


3. UX Rewards Quantity over Quality


From the UX perspective, having numerous choices may confuse users and even trigger decision paralysis. Decision paralysis is a phenomenon where the user overthinks their decisions and ends up not interacting with the site. As a result, users may leave your website and try to find one that is more user-friendly.


4. When In Doubt Always Animate


Common mistakes include adding animations that serve no purpose and setting durations that are too long or too quick. Not using the right type of animation also could have a more damaging impact than you think. UX designers refrain from applying unnecessary animations so as to not hinder the ultimate goal of good UX.

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