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The mobile app industry not only grows regularly, but it evolves like we never expected it to. Small businesses now use mobile apps for online transactions, and corporations implement internal mobile apps to ensure employees communicate with each other or have access to essential documents.

1. High Demand for Mobile App Development

The first question to ask about a new business is whether or not there’s a demand for the product or service. With mobile apps, we find the answer with studies and keyword search volumes. As it’s been over the past several decades, the mobile app business is still thriving. Each year we see record numbers, boosts in the number of app users, and new adopters from firms to consumers.

Take a look at the Google Ads keyword search to see how common it is for people to search for keywords like “mobile app development,” Android app development,” and “app development companies.”

Thousands of searches come in every day where brands are seeking out help with constructing mobile apps for various functions.

You can also complete a search like this for your geographical area to evaluate whether or not your location renders results for companies seeking development help.

2. The Business Mobile App Market Continues to Grow

That’s great. The industry is popular, but what’s in store for the future? Do we see the market growth regularly?

The answer to that is yes.

A Google Trends search for “mobile app development” presents how interest in this type of development has a consistently growing trend.

Right before the Coronavirus, this keyword was seeing its peak popularity. It dipped a bit after the virus struck, but the demand is still remarkably high. Not to mention, the graph’s curve is already turning towards a growing trend again.

Mobile App

Searches don’t display the entire picture. Business owners crave revenue results. Those business owners include you, any clients you sign, and other types of app developers for games.

Since 2014, worldwide app revenues beat the previous year’s numbers. Projections show that 2023 may reach close to 1 trillion dollars for mobile app revenues.

3. It’s Easy to Build Mobile Apps

A mobile app reseller program incorporates complete designing systems with themes, visual builders, and features to add to your apps. For instance, you can go through a theme library to search for an industry design that fits for your clients.

As you can see, the travel themes from iBuildApp are sleek, ready to edit, and made just for that industry.

The app reseller features work similar to a visual builder, where you decide on the features need for your client. Then, you sift through the library of prebuilt modules for functions like selling online, collecting forms, and listing social media information.

The list from iBuildApp is a long one, but the image below highlights top features like login pages, Google Maps, and Events. As mentioned, each element is already coded and developed for you. All you have to do is activate the features you want and impress your clients with the functionality.

An excellent example of an easy-to-use feature is the Mobile Shopping Cart. A click of the “Use It” button installs a beautiful shopping cart for adding products and processing payments through the mobile app.

There’s no need to activate a complicated eCommerce platform and use it separately to your mobile app.

4. It’s Easy to Market Apps

App resellers find substantial benefits in the marketing features as well. Yes, some marketing is done by word-of-mouth, paid ads, or even going to trade shows. Yet, reseller programs, like the one from iBuildApp, include several options for marketing an app without much effort at all.

As the resellers, you can wow clients by giving them access to the marketing module. They then have buttons for sharing apps on social media, embedding apps on their websites, and creating landing pages, just to name a few.

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