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Gamification is an enhanced marketing technique that uses elements of games to attract new customers and retain the old ones. Consumers are motivated to perform actions which provide them with rewards. The technique is found to be highly engaging because of customer participation. Gamification has three core principles: engagement, award and competition. Email gamification is a trending email marketing technique. In simplest terms, email gamification is the process of adding games, game mechanics and elements into emails.

  1. Spin the wheel

Spin the wheel or roulette is a crowd-favorite . Customers love the anticipation of getting a reward and assign more value to the rewards that are earned in games as compared to being given out by the businesses. This widget can be used for any audience and is very easy to interact with. The customer gets to spin the wheel delivered to him in the mail by simply clicking a button and wait for the wheel to stop to see and receive his reward.

  1. Quiz

Quizzes or trivia questions can challenge the knowledge of your audience. It is important that you keep the questions relevant to your business or brand. This will make your customers know more about your brand and be rewarded for it. It incentivises their learning and rewards their loyalty towards your brand.

  1. Scratch cards

You can use scratchcards for promotions, rewards or offering coupon codes. The feeling of being able to scratch the scratchcard to reveal their reward comes close to the real world feeling. They may be an old one but they are still more exciting than the plain text discount emails.

  1. Slot machine

Slot machines can be very addictive, both in the real world as well as in your gamified emails. Your customers can simply click on the lever to pull it down and be rewarded, provided they get lucky. They can be rewarded with an extra chance to pull the lever, a discount code or even a gift voucher to use on your website.

  1. Scavenger hunt

You can even go ahead and add hunts and quests within your emails by leaving clues for your customers and letting them discover their rewards. It can be challenging but that is the fun part. It can be pretty obsessive for those customers who love an adventure.


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