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Mobile apps have taken over communication, entertainment, shopping, and more since the smartphone’s debut. Businesses need mobile app development to meet consumer demands. The future of mobile apps is unknown. Here’s a current snapshot:

1. Almost 100% of screen time is spent in apps

90% of users’ time is spent in apps, not online. Consider designing an app to boost your business this year.

2. The average user has more than 80 apps on their phone.

They averagely use 9 every day and 30 each month.

3. Mobile gaming has seen a huge rise in users

Over 40% of smartphone users play mobile games, 80% of them Android. Android users are a terrific spot to construct the next great mobile game.

4. Thousands of apps are released daily

Google Play adds roughly 70,000 apps per month and the Apple App Store adds slightly over 30,000 for iOS customers. 3,000 apps per day!

5. Apps have a short lifespan

After 72 hours, 80% of users uninstall an app.

Good app design for NZ businesses is crucial to dealing with numerous platforms, differentiating from competitors, and giving consumers a fantastic experience.

6. Most people only use a handful of apps

Despite 5 million apps, most consumers utilise 10 per day.

7. Ad spending is out of control.

2019 app downloads cost little around $60 billion. By 2023, it might reach $935 billion USD.

TikTok is gradually overtaking Facebook as the top advertising platform. Advertisers will spend $11 billion on TikTok commercials in 2022.

8. Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world

Android’s market share is 73%. iOS and Android control 99% of the global market.

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