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Tech beginners may not know where to begin. You can specialise in online development, web design, digital marketing, and more. Learning how to become a web designer is a good place to start if you’re new.

Tech Skills You Need to Know to Become a Web Designer:

First, let’s discuss web design’s technical aspect.


Web designers need design skills, but what does that mean? Web design is a subset of visual design, therefore that makes sense.

Web designers must know design principles to create a site’s appearance and feel. Proportions, typography, grid systems, colour theory are examples. Visual design includes mood boards, type hierarchy, web fonts, and colour palettes.

2. UX

UX refers to how website users feel (calm, frustrated, etc.). UX design is all about putting the user first and creating designs that assist them get what they need.

You’ll research users and construct “personas” (profiles of imaginary ideal users). Site maps organise pages and content. User flows reveal how users navigate your site. Do people always click social media? Or just contact info? You’ll employ responsive design to accommodate multiple screen sizes and improve device functioning.

As a UX designer, you’ll construct wireframes and use prototypes and templates to sketch out each webpage’s UI. User experience design requires all of these elements.


Like any craftsperson, web designers require the correct equipment. Web and visual design standards are helpful in every scenario and vital in many. Web design can be done on a web browser, however Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch are used to create prototypes, design assets (such logos and images), and edit photos.


Do web designers need to code? You may not have thought web designers needed technical abilities, yet HTML and CSS are expected for most employment nowadays. HTML is a programming language used to organise and format web pages. It’s how you make headlines, paragraphs, and footers. It’s how websites get “interesting” photographs, movies, and graphics.

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