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Not every technological android trend is shaping and creating new waves of popularity. The android app design inspiration has a large portion of influence due to the yearly dynamic development.

That is why, in this section, we would like to stress the important points of android app design trends that are popular in 2021.

Dark themes

This is a popular android ui design trend coming all the way down from 2019. Nowadays most of the big company’s mobile applications have already integrated a dark-mode feature as their additional functionality. It’s a low-light interface that displays mostly dark-toned app elements.

They have their unique usage as well: to reduce the strain on the human eyes and to save up the battery life. Both of these implementations have one thing in common, which is to reduce the number of white pixels on the device’s screen.


Minimalism style has been dominating every single industry design trend out there, as it has been on the market for the past 4 years. Previously, developers tried to leave only core functions and elements of the app. As a result, they had too much white space on the app’s screen. That also made every single android app design like a copycat.

By now, every user out there got so bored from them, thus letting more designers experiment with the app styling. And so another mobile app design trend was formed – gradients. Gradients can add depth to flat and straight design models while filling them with creativity. They are also visually attractive to various brand companies since you can integrate your styling guide into them. This year, gradients are more proficiently used in backgrounds as they provide bright hues and colour patterns.


The invention of 3D technologies in mobile app development has been favourably adored and fascinated. However, to produce a high-quality 3D object or an animation, one needs to have good expertise and skills to do such work. So what does this technology allow you to do?

For starters, 3D production is allowing users to interact and engage themselves in a 3D environment of the android app. For instance, it could be a game with a 360-degree view, which is both interesting and can impact the overall user experience. In 2021, this trend is also becoming quite popular, gaining more attention and recognition.

Voice interfaces

Siri from iOS, Alexa from Amazon, or Google Assistant are the names of the voice interfaces that people use in their everyday lives. They are all advanced and can be called one of the greatest virtual assistants of all time.

Over the past few decades, these technologies have completely outsmarted a common way of accessing our favourite devices and services. The first voice recognition technology was invented in the 1960s. Now it evolved to the virtual assistant level, where they can easily understand and recognise our speech. With that, they can access any kind of service or app we want to explore, even basic voice searching is an amazing technology already.

This trend was growing bigger and bigger starting from 2016 when Amazon introduced the first intelligent voice assistant. Which you can easily integrate into your home system and mobile devices. Regarding the approaches that android app development, it is the Google Assistant which is an amazing addition for any application to have. In the next 5 years, it is said that voice interfaces will take the user experience to a new level without having any visuals.

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