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If one was to recall the web application development history, then we can remember a time when the digital industry had one of its major impact. It was 2005 when Ajax made it possible to develop rapid and interactive web applications. Since that time, lots of things changed and so did the IT industry evolve with the birth of different branches of web applications.

Today, most of the famous brands like Coca-Cola, Facebook, Twitter, and other companies have a whole range of different web application types. And if each web app type has been created for a reason, then how many web app types are there?

So today here we want to classify all existing web app types, based on their functionalities.

1.Static Web Application

A Static Web application is the very first type of web apps that have come to exist on the Internet. Typically, it doesn’t have any kind of interaction between the user and the server, and it’s not a dynamic web app too. It is built with simple HTML and CSS to display only relevant content and data. In some cases, static web apps have various GIFs, videos, and even animated banners displayed to attract visitors.

When it comes to modifying the content or the web application code, it is very easy to manage. An example of a static web app would be a person’s portfolio website or a company’s website, presented as a business card.

2.Dynamic Web Application

A dynamic web application is an upgrade for a regular static one since they are more complex to build from the technical point of view. Their main goal is to directly interact with the client. They do have various interactive elements and methods to engage a client in the services/products the web app is offering.

Such web applications utilize databases to keep all private and public data that is being shown on the website. To manage the backend and frontend parts, these kinds of apps usually have an admin panel, where administrators can modify the content and add various interactive elements of the web app.

Lots of programming languages are used to develop a solid dynamic app. The most common ones are PHP and ASP.NET. An example of such an app could be practically any kind of web app, just like a typical Digital Agency website, where you need to leave your inquiry.

3.Online Shop / E-Commerce Web Application

If your web application is directly promoting the products or services towards your potential customers, then it can be called an online shop or an E-Commerce Web Application. Compared to the dynamic web application, this web app type requires much more features, as the customers have to perform certain actions to purchase your products/services.

Here are some of the basic features such a web app may include: electronic payment systems, a management panel for the administrator, and a personal cabinet for the user. A very simple example of such a web application would be Shopee.

4.CMS Web Apps

CMS or Content Management System is a web app type where its owner doesn’t need any assistance from the technical team. As he can modify the content of the website by himself, without learning any programming languages, using only the admin panel or CMS of his website. Generally, there are lots of CMS variations with their specificity and design layouts. But in most cases whenever someone mentions a CMS web application, most of the developers will highlight these three ones:

  1. WordPress – by far, the most popular choice for most business owners who have decided to move their business online. There are lots of different plugins, themes, guidelines, and tutorials on how to make your website appealing and unique and you don’t need any additional technical support.
  2. Joomla – Another CMS web app on our list. This one is considered a user’s second popular choice after WordPress. It may not have lots of active users who have adapted this CMS to their businesses. However, it has a very warm community and intuitive outlay for an old, but progressive web application CMS.
  3. Drupal – Another free and open-source CMS web application. Drupal is very flexible for building your website. It is especially recommended for building large community portals.

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