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The appearance of android app development has impacted the overall mobile app development industry due to its enhanced user journey. So for your company headquarters to stay on the trending line of mobile app development, you need to choose the right trending technologies.

For that reason, below we would like to stress out the latest and important android app development trends.

Android Instant Apps

Instant apps are one of the slickest trends that the digital world has ever seen. It’s a very popular trend that is significantly different from the regular Apple Store applications. From here you get to try to utilise any kind of application without even installing it on your device. That’s right you can just use the power of the Internet to gain direct access to all the app’s features and try them out.

Why is it trending? Well for one, is because you don’t require to sacrifice any extra space on your Android device. This means that you can get more attraction within your android mobile app development process. Plus, you get no crashes while using them.

Blockchain Technology

During a regular Kotlin app development, blockchain technology is your partner when it comes to providing transparency and privacy aspects. This is an ideal solution for those companies working in the financial and banking business industries. Since it does provide significant prospects for android app development.

Some major advantages that any blockchain technology utilise are:

  • Data loss reduction
  • In case of a network failure, an app will have an enhanced performance
  • Better app security and better data encryption

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Due to the creation of AI technologies more and more services, tasks, or routine procedures inside the android mobile app development became easier to implement. According to Accenture, the artificial intelligence embedded inside modern technologies, especially mobile apps can boost overall productivity by 40%.

However, don’t take the power of AI for granted, as you need to understand that it takes time to create a solid automation system. But it can be used during automation of some simple tasks: image identification, data packages analysis, or natural language processing.

Multiplatform Development (Flutter)

Flutter is a brand technology developed by Google and a big future trend for all android app development processes. It is a framework that can develop an application inside a native environment for both the Android and iOS platforms. That’s right, even here Google has created a cheap solution for developing your app on both platforms at once. And most developers are this type of methodology due to its flexibility and the combination of both platforms.

Here are the key factors that define Google’s Flutter:

  • Native environment
  • Easier learning procedure
  • MVP product development

So there is no doubt that Flutter’s technology is considered to be one of the most trending one’s in android app development. Reflectly, Google Ads and Alibaba are the perfect examples where the developers have utilised Flutter. Each has its own innovative and creative set implemented functionalities.

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