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Web application development agency, developers, and designers use databases to store and organise the data that their applications need. The role of databases in web application development has increased over time. As a result, a number of developers create applications that use databases. You can’t fully understand web application development without understanding the role of databases. A database is nothing but an organised collection of data that helps us, whether creating or modifying any program. Some examples of this kind of organisation are the bookshelf, the NAS storage, and even databases on your desktop computers!

The role of databases in a web application is very important. The web application interacts with the database to store data and retrieve data from it. The database is used to store all the information that the user needs to store. For example, if you are developing a shopping cart website then it will contain product details, customer details, order details, etc. In this case, you need to store this information in a database so that we can use them later on.

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