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Many things we deem bad practices for websites is hard to quantify. However, we will give it a try. We are going to start with some apparent techniques that may turn any website into a bad website. They are:

Let’s consider them closely.

Not Following Trends

Staying indifferent to the trends may earn you a rebel title, but it won’t certainly earn you quality leads. Companies that live in a vacuum and ditch all modern trends look stale, tasteless, and boring. Aesthetical judgments heavily influence the decision-making process. Therefore, if your design does not live up to the current customer’s expectations, you have a bad website.

Be Unresponsive

Responsiveness is no longer a tendency; it is a must-have. Your web UI should look and work flawlessly across all devices. Otherwise, your message will be distorted. Even though making website design responsive is getting more challenging since you need to handle the ever-growing device market, it should still be done, no questions asked.

Confuse Mobile-friendliness

Being mobile-friendly and being responsive are two different things. Even though they have similarities, still they are not interchangeable. Being mobile-friendly means optimising the interface for mobile users. Some things should get more prominent, like buttons and font, whereas traditional elements like the hero area should become smaller. Mobile-friendliness requires some sacrifices. However, they should be made.

Ignore Usability

A good website is not only about how it looks but also about how it feels. Much like people confuse responsiveness and mobile-friendliness, many website owners believe that they ensure good usability by creating good design. Everything is much more complicated. Usability involves understanding how people interact with your website. It helps create a comfortable environment where visitors get information right here right now.

Ditch Accessibility

Accessibility, much like responsiveness, is must-have. No barriers should be erected on the web. The more inclusive your website, the wider audience you can serve. It means more traffic and more revenue.

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