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There’s tons of surveys and research papers that state a lot of programming languages that are based on a variety of criteria. Each report can be relevant and connected with software developers who wish to determine whether their programming abilities are in demand or if they should upgrade their skills. Business people, on the other hand, are left out of the loop and unaware of the appropriate web app development languages, which are most often used to create web pages and web applications.

Our progressive web app development team experts provided a clear perspective regarding the most popular web app programming language for 2022. Let’s take a close and detailed look at each of the entries that we have carefully described in this extensive article.

1. Java

Java is the second-best language for web apps, right behind Python. It has taken this place for several years already, due to its high scalability. Additionally, with Java full-stack engineers, you may save tons of hours on repetitive coding for developers to optimise website performance and performance.

Due to its cross-platform features, it adds a lot of value to web development for businesses. For instance, the Java runtime environment module converts code to machine code suitable to native operating systems, like Linux, for example. Additionally, if you’re looking to hire web developers specialising in Java, you’ll find a lot of them, since businesses prefer Java due to its comprehensive security features. The language itself has been included in several frameworks for developing web applications, such as Spring, or Hibernate.

2. Python

Python, for the longest time, has and is still one of the most flexible web application languages. It has a very simple and optimal environment for web application development. It includes the basic scripts and easy connections to the relevant databases. Python’s greatest strength is its ability to develop neural networks for artificial intelligence, which is very trending today.

Its extensive library and compatibility with operating systems make it a valuable tool for lots of developers. One thing to keep in mind is that web developers have moved on to Python 3 following Python’s discontinuation in 2020.

3. C

Microsoft created C# as a secure alternative to C and C++. Since its birth, C# has remained one of the most popular languages for web apps. C# is the fourth most frequently searched language for tutorials on Google. The language is utilised for a wide variety of tasks that heavily involve server application development.

It is an object-oriented language that is optimised for CLI use and includes executable code. The number of safety features allows developers to compile and run-time errors, while the automatic garbage mechanism removes everything automatically. C# enables easy integration with other programming languages components. The extensive library collection streamlines the development process and enables the implementation of a wide variety of functions. It is a relatively popular language choice for new developers to learn the best programming language for web application development.


Typescript as one of the core web app languages has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This particular web app programming language has risen to fourth place in GitHub pull requests as of the fourth quarter of 2021. Apart from Microsoft and Google’s support, there are more reasons for its popularity.

TypeScript extends JavaScript to enable more powerful functionality at any business scale, thus making it the best language for large scale web apps. Simply put, TypeScript is like JavaScript but with static typing enabled whenever you want it. In comparison to JavaScript code, Typescript code is more refactorable, allowing developers to easily eliminate errors and rebuild the existing code.

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