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Food Delivery App

Food delivery app enables users to order food from any restaurant within their area using their smartphone.The users choose the method of payment and the food can be left in front of their door. Inspire yourself with popular food delivery apps like Zomato, Glovo, Uber Eats.

Food Donation App

In this day and age, many of us are blessed with an excess of food. Sadly, most of the leftovers end up in the garbage. In an average household, it may not be more than a plate or so, but restaurants and hotels throw tons of food every day. Enter, food donation app.This app can help connect the donators a.k.a the restaurants, hotels, and people with the organizations that collect the food for the most needed. Or even connect them directly with the people who need food.


Health Check-up App

A health-conscious person should go on check-ups regularly. Dentist, annual doctor’s appointment, maybe dermatologist, blood tests…it’s easy to forget. Not with the Health check-up app.The user can write down the appointments manually, or even let the app automatically set them. This is a cool app idea for startups.


Credit Spending App

While swiping a card people don’t see how much of the money are they exactly spending. A credit spending app is a great way for users to monitor their expenses.Different cards can be connected to the app, and the expenses can be divided into categories. Some of the popular ones are Goodbudget and Mint.


Fitness App

This healthy lifestyle app would help the uses achieve their goal while tracking the progress and current situation. A fitness app can monitor weight, heart rate, blood pressure.Some apps like these have meal ideas, as well as a nutrition chart. It can even have direct communication with health coaches within the app.


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