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Food delivery apps are becoming popular since ordering a meal via a mobile device is time-saving. People can easily juggle between tasks and get their meal delivered to the office. This saves  the time people could have used to move around looking for food. As such, many professionals are gradually adopting food delivery apps to get their meals.


2.Wide Range of Payment Options

Food delivery apps come with flexible payment options that make it easier for users to pay for their orders. As such, consumers can choose their preferred mode of payment. This may either include paying on delivery, online banking, or by use of debit or credit cards.


3,The Rise of Ghost Restaurants

The rise of ghost restaurants has also fueled a surge in the number of food delivery apps. These restaurants came up as a result of stiff competition in the food delivery market. Unlike restaurants that have a physical location, ghost restaurants are run in commercial locations.The key aim of these restaurants is to supply food to target clients regardless of their locations. With the growing trend of food delivery services offered by restaurants, ghost restaurants have come up to leverage on high demand of online food delivery to generate an income.


4.Covid-19 Safety Protocols

With many people around the world staying away from crowded areas like restaurants, the advent of food delivery apps offers an ideal option for both households and office workers. This has highly impacted the food delivery industry with many entrepreneurs adopting the new norm to align their operations with the new trends.


5.Less Costly

With high competition in the food-tech industry, many players are coming up with better offers to stay afloat in a competitive market. While some apps charge customers a small delivery fee, many are now offering free food delivery services.Additionally, discounted offers and the use of vouchers are some of the aspects that are making the food delivery industry attractive to many users.


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