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All businesses need clients in order to have something to smile about. And that’s why you need the best dental marketing strategies for yours. One great thing that you have going for you is that there is always a need for dental services, regardless of location. The demand will always be there. Now the trick is in attracting potential patients and making sure they choose you over the competition.

1. Know Your Competition

Knowing your competition is about understanding which practices & what offers your audience is choosing between. If you know what other dental practices offer, then you can react accordingly by creating your own unique offers.

One strategy is to improve on what they are already offering. Another is to introduce something that is entirely new to the market. Either way, you will need to learn how to one-up the competition. You may have to beat them at their own game to do it. Consider using these strategies:

  • How do they advertise their services and products? If they’re offering discounts, then you can perhaps offer a better deal or a better value.
  • Do they accept walk-in patients or only by appointment? You can offer both plus weekend services by appointment.
  • Google is of course a great way to research on the competition. Use it to your advantage by looking at what they offer.
  • You can also look at the reviews they receive to see what your shared target market does and does not like about their practice!
  • You can also hire a digital marketing company to complete a competitor analysis for you.

2. You Can’t Beat a Strong Offer

A strong offer will get your business noticed and help drive people to your practice. Whether you’re targeting a low, mid or high income audience, everyone budgets. Everyone loves to cut costs on necessities where they can without cutting quality. Show them that your practice can help them do that.

You can tailor your offers to the audience niche based on the research you’ve already done in steps 1 and 2. There are several ways to implement this. Look at the following offers as examples:

  • Discount package for families of four or more that book an appointment for a cleaning or any type of service you might want to include.
  • Mover’s special offer that is sent to people and especially families that have just moved into the area.
  • Offer free cleaning to every medical dental service appointment made.

Be careful in choosing what kind of offer you are going to make. Offers are not effective if they are not appealing to the person you’re giving the offer to.

3. Better Branding and Value

You need to build upon it to come up with better branding than what you started with. Better branding means that your brand is capable of filling a need that no one else is capable of doing.  This helps give you a bit of an edge, however slight, over your competitors. And it all leads to an overall better value as well.

Better branding also means people recognising your logo & business and associating it with that value. The value proposition is pushed to a high level and that’s what you want to see. As an example, let’s say you’re offering affordable packages for families. The value proposition there is to include family discounts and more. Discounts and affordable prices are not the only things that qualify as value proposition though. Top quality procedures that use the latest in dental technology can also be included. In the end, the improved brand and value is more than a welcome addition to your dental marketing strategies.

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